Kgwerano is a Northern Sotho word meaning ‘a long-standing relationship or a friendship’

Established in 1999, Kgwerano Fleet Management Solutions has grown into a respected leader in the fleet management sector. We offer fleet solutions to organisations of any size, across the private and public sector. We are the partner of choice for our global network, and the supplier of choice for our clients locally and across Africa.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and agility and our focus on the five R’s that have forged our reputation in the market: the right data, in the right place, at the right time, for the right people, in the right format.

We perform an in-depth analysis of all activities related to your fleet. Every aspect of vehicle and driver performance is analysed, allowing us to develop a specialised, tailor-made system unique to your fleet and your needs. Add in our commitment to service excellence, our national footprint and our humanistic, client-centric approach and you can see what sets us apart.

Your fleet is an asset that you entrust to other peoples’ hands. We give you the tech, the software and the support you need to ensure it is in the right hands, and the dedicated people, innovative thinking and best of breed solutions to move you and your fleet into the future.

All based on our innovative trustMASTER Fleet Software Solution.

Kgwerano Fleet Management Solutions is a part of the AFRICAN GLOBAL Group of companies. Our base of operations is at the AFRICAN GLOBAL SMART GLOBAL CAMPUS in Gauteng.

At AFRICAN GLOBAL we specialize in SMART Integrated Management Solutions across diverse sectors and industries with a view to spearhead futuristic solutions and services across Africa and beyond.


Providing you with service excellence through a synergistic partnership between you and the Kgwerano people. Our people are empowered to express their personalities and strengths in a team environment thereby contributing to the economic and social development of our nation and our continent – and to the growth and prosperity of you, our clients.


To deliver integrated Full Fleet Management Software Solutions through professional teams specialised in client-focused innovation, analytics and technology applications in high-risk environments. Through these solutions we meet and exceed our Group goals of growing the African continent and people through the development of futuristic, innovative solutions and services.



As a member of the AFRICAN GLOBAL Group, Kgwerano Fleet Management Solutions shares the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment status of the organization. We are proud to have obtained a Level-ONE accreditation, a status authenticated by Empowerdex, a respected independent B-BBEE verification agency.

ISO 9001:2001 accredited

All Kgwerano and AFRICAN GLOBAL clients can rest assured knowing that our systems follow industry standards and best practices. In establishing a detailed process flow, IT strategies are implemented and managed in strict accordance to international benchmarking protocols and incorporate various audit trail and verification processes.

Our implementation and management processes are a source of pride for us and follow a comprehensive predetermined Policy manual that includes every step in the ISO 9001:2001 system and bi-annual and annual audits. This goes for every business unit and sector we have the privilege to work with.

In addition

Through our relationship with the AFRICAN GLOBAL Group of Companies, we value the accreditation of the Group with affiliated global and local bodies as part of our relationship with:

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board)
  • Cisco
  • DQS AFRICAN GLOBAL (ISO Accreditation Body)
  • DQS BlackROX Security Intelligence Services (ISO Accreditation Body)
  • DQS Global Technology Systems (ISO Accreditation Body)
  • DQS Integrated Facilities Management (ISO Accreditation Body)
  • DQS Kgwerano Financial Systems
  • DQS Lindela Repatriation Centre (ISO Accreditation Body)
  • The Engineering Council of South Africa
  • The Global Council of Corporate Universities
  • Asian Council of Corporate Universities
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
  • iFACTS (Employee Screening and Vetting Services)
  • PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority)
  • SAFMA (South African Facility Management Association)
  • SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association)
  • SAPVIA (South African Photovoltaic Industry Association)
  • SASSETA (The Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority)
  • Various Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s)



While we focus on data, telematics, integration and technology, one of our most valuable services is the human one. Coordinating and managing all our solutions, and ensuring that you are always put first and kept ahead of any trends and issues, are various teams of dedicated, highly skilled and passionate people, including:

  • Fleet Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Operational Managers
  • Research and Development Specialists
  • Technology Programmers
  • Technical, Maintenance and Support teams
  • Trained and accredited Call Centre Operators

Together, we function as many parts that make a whole committed to you and your success.


Switchboard / +27 (0) 11 662 6000
24 Hour Call Centre / +27 (0) 861 811 911
Email / info@kgwerano.com

1 Windsor Road / Mogale City
Gauteng / South Africa
S 26° 06.830’ E 27° 46.943’

Private Bag 2002 / Krugersdorp 1740