We do more than fleet management, we do Fleet Management Solutions. Traditional fleet management is all about an administrative approach that allows companies to organise and coordinate work vehicles. What we add is technology and a people-centered ethos to drive your fleet needs into a new age of prosperity and control.

Our Kgwerano Service Offering includes the following:


Asset management gives you the ability to examine the need for, and the performance of, assets at different levels. It also allows you to apply analytical approaches towards managing your asset over the different stages of its lifecycle – from identifying the need through to disposal.

Managing this critical and valued part of your resources is one of our core objectives.

The Asset Management module within trustMASTER manages the:

  • Admission of vehicles to the fleet
  • Allocation of vehicles to end-user departments and drivers
  • Component configuration of the vehicles
  • Physical condition of the vehicles
  • Technical condition of the vehicles
  • Dispatch of vehicles to the end-user
  • Condition Assessment of vehicles
  • Return of vehicles from end-users
  • Transfer of vehicles between user departments
  • Terminations and Disposals of vehicles
  • Physical Asset Verification
  • Cost price, useful life and residual values
  • Fixed Asset Register

Our Asset Manager interface summarises each of your vehicles’ current location, condition, dispatch and return status and ensures you are able to manage your assets effectively and efficiently.

We also provide an intuitive Progress Chart workflow management tool that shows you the next step required in your process flow.


Increasing fuel costs are possibly the biggest worry for any fleet manager. Kgwerano’s tailored Fuel Management module gives you total control over all aspects of powering your vehicles by monitoring and reporting on:

  • Daily and monthly fuel transactions
  • Fuel spend
  • e-Fuel technology equipped vehicles
  • Fuel and gap cards
  • Fuel utilisation rates
  • Fuel over fills
  • Weekend fill ups
  • After hours fill ups


Your fleet is your asset, and it needs to be taken care of. Our Repair and Maintenance module is designed to your specifications, and your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance plans. This module covers all accident repairs as well as preventative and scheduled maintenance and care to prolong the effective life of your vehicles.

The module includes:

  • Vehicle check-in
  • Inspection and condition status
  • Job card specification
  • Vendor referral and management
  • Vehicle deliveries
  • Quotations and authorisation
  • Vehicle returns
  • Job verification
  • Parts warrantee management
  • Vehicle check-out


Our Kgwerano trustMASTER Fleet Management Solutions are capable of integrating with 3rd party tracking solutions to give you live, real-time tracking information and statistics


Would you trust a surgeon who was not properly trained and qualified? The same should apply to those people entrusted with your assets. Proper training and qualifications not only minimise the risks on the road, but empower your drivers leading to better job satisfaction and improved fleet management and profit. This driver management and training is just one of the many services we offer you.


Your vehicles are an asset that you are handing over to someone else to control. With our Risk and Insurance Management solutions you can rest easy knowing the system has your best interests at heart, even in the entirely human event of an accident taking place.

Interfaces within the Risk and Insurance Management module include:

  • Accident log
  • Accident case file
  • Driver suspension
  • Preliminary condition assessment
  • Damage assessment
  • State Attorney case file
  • Insurance claims and settlements
  • Third party claims
  • Theft
  • Traffic infringements


Make the administration of your fleet easier by using this module to manage licensing, registration, e-tags, penalties, roadworthiness, change of ownership and renewal status. The system also generates exception reports and alerts prompting required actions by you or your managers.


Your finance needs should be run as smoothly as your fleet. With Finance Management you get fully automated invoicing and a Debtors Management interface. This gives your finance department the control to rigorously monitor and manage your accounts receivable balance, analyse recovery rates compared to KPI specifications and enable exception reporting of overdue accounts.

Our Finance Management module integrates with accounting systems to ensure compliance with accounting and auditing requirements and includes the following:

  • Sales invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Debtor payment advices
  • Debtors statements
  • Debtors ledgers
  • Debtors ageing
  • Supplier invoices
  • Supplier payment authorisation
  • Supplier payment advices
  • Vehicle statements


An asset as valuable as your fleet is a procurement process that frees up your manpower and manages the entire process flow from beginning to end to help you save money.

Our Procurement module manages:

  • Requests to replenish fleet
  • Proposals to optimise fleet
  • Vehicle configurations and specifications
  • Pro-forma quotations
  • Order Requisitions
  • Vehicle Purchase Orders
  • Delivery of vehicles
  • Asset Identification
  • Number plate management
  • Branding management
  • e-Fuel/fuel card management
  • e-Toll installation and management
  • Tracking hardware and software installation management


Success relies on more than assets and technology, it relies on the services you bring to your clients. And one of the unsung services Kgwerano offers our clients, and you pass on to your clients, is an unparalleled CRM experience built on our understanding and monitoring of your specific client needs. It is backed up by our uninterrupted communication, 24/7 support and maintenance.


Effective management relies on accurate data. All our systems are accompanied by appropriate real-time reports.

Standard reporting is included with all relevant modules with the option to create customised reporting to suit your needs. In keeping with our commitment to finding new and innovative solutions to drive our continent forward, a core module of our strategic fleet services is Interactive and Live Business Analysis and Analytics.

A mobile application is also included as part of the strategic fleet service.


Business Intelligence is the art and science of making the right decisions and optimising the delivery of value. Our Business Intelligence module is fully integrated to develop, implement, support and promote the effective use of Business intelligence across your enterprise.

In today’s era of global e-business, having Integrated Software Technology with a Business Intelligence solution gives you and your people a unique opportunity to gather, store, access and analyse data. This aids decision-making, enhances business performance, productivity, client service delivery and relationships, and identifies risks weaknesses and opportunities.

Our Business Intelligence platform includes:

  • Fleet and product optimisation
  • Utilisation statistics
  • Performance and turn-around monitoring
  • Cost management
  • Merchant management
  • Product profitability
  • Market segmentation
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Risk management


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